John Tavares crashes Bruins’ pregame ritual!

This footage will only fuel the rivalry!

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are back in action shortly, and while looking for information on the team and how they can get back into this qualifying series against the Columbus Blue Jackets, we fell on this hilarious video of captain John Tavares. 

And it is now trending all over social media! 

The Maple Leafs were in action for the first game of their series on Sunday night, hours after the Boston Bruins’ first round robin contest against the Philadelphia Flyers. 

As the Bruins were getting to hit the ice and finalizing their pregame handshakes, a camera caught Tavares crashing the ritual without a care in the world. 

The video has gone viral and you can understand why: 

Some Bruins fans, who were upset with the favourite club’s performance against Philly, blame Tavares’ move, saying it caused the Leafs poor play to rub off on the Bruins and both teams to be terrible.

Tavares was simply heading to his team’s dressing room to get ready for his game, however, we can’t understand why he casually walked through a bunch of Bruins. 

It’s hilarious though!