John Tavares suffered a 2nd injury during collision with Corey Perry.

A 2nd injury for the Leafs captain.


The Toronto Maple Leafs probably could not have imagined an uglier start to the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs than the one they got this week, losing both the first game of their first round playoff series to the Montreal Canadiens, and losing captain John Tavares to a very serious looking injury in that game as well.

Somehow however things got even worse on Saturday when Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas revealed that, not only was Tavares left concussed after taking a brutal knee to the head courtesy of Canadiens forward Corey Perry, the Leafs captain had actually suffered two injuries during the incident and not just one. According to comments made by Dubas, the Leafs captain would have also suffered a knee injury of some kind during the collision with Perry and will be out at least a few weeks due to that injury.

Although there has been no timeframe given for Tavares' recovery from the knee that struck him in the head, resulting in him needing to be carried off the ice in a stretcher, Dubas was able to give a clearer picture when it comes to the knee injury. The Leafs general manager informed reporters that it will be at least two weeks before Tavares can return from the 2nd injury, which means that Leafs' fans hoping to see Tavares make a speedy recovery from his concussion are likely out of luck.

Tavares never appeared to lose consciousness despite suffering a vicious blow to the head during the incident in Game 1, but it was honestly one of the ugliest looking concussions we have seen all season long with Tavares looking like he was completely out of it when trainers attempted to tend to him on the ice.

Although Corey Perry has been a player who has played the game on the edge his entire career, there's little doubt that the knee was entirely accidental. Perry himself appeared to be quite shaken up following the incident, both on the ice and in front of the cameras following the conclusion of the game. Perry would even go so far as to say he felt ill when watching the replay on the big screen.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tavares' status.