John Tortorella admits to making a “terrible mistake”

The Flyers bench boss is taking responsibility.



Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella is one of the few true no-nonsense head coaches left in the National Hockey League today, and he's been making headlines in recent days for scratching team captain Sean Couturier for two straight game. 

However, he's owning up to what he feels was a "terrible mistake" on his part from earlier this week when he shrugged and gave a non-answer when asked about the play of goaltender Felix Sandstrom. For those of you who missed the incident, take a look below: 

Earlier today, Tortorella issued an apology to members of the press: 

“I made a terrible mistake with you guys the other night… my body language was wrong. What I should have said to you guys, I tried to communicate after (via PR) – he’s trying. Sandy is trying. Things happened this year that put our goaltending situation into a little bit of a state of flux. Sandy did not deserve that from me. You (Hall) had a perfect right to ask the question. He did not deserve that from me. It was wrong. So how we go about it with him, we’re just not getting too far ahead.”

Sandstrom didn't have his best performance against the Panthers, who are 2nd overall in the Atlantic Division, and he was the first to admit it afterward. 

"I need to be able to step up and keep us in it," Sandstrom said. "I'm not too happy about today."

"It was just one of those days where I'm like, 'Why and how did that happen?'" Sandstrom said. "I've just got to be more detailed and make sure I probably track them better. ... Not fine goals to let in."

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