John Tortorella calls out NBA megastar Lebron James.

Only Tortorella.

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There are some things that could only come from head coach John Tortorella.

During a radio interview on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland the Columbus Blue Jackets head coach called out arguably one of the biggest names in the entire state that he coaches in, Cleveland Cavalier and NBA megastar Lebron James. 

Tortorella was commenting on Lebron's chances to transition to the National Hockey League, much in the way Lebron has half-jokingly commented on a transition to the National Football League with the Cleveland Brows, when he issued a challenged to NBA great.

"Not a chance. He can't skate. He's too damn big, he can't skate. And you can tell him I said that, I challenge him. Tell him to get his ass out here and come on the ice with us. I want to see him skate."

The Blue Jackets have been getting a great deal more attention than usual this season in Ohio, and one has to wonder how Lebron will respond once he hears these comments from Tortorella.