John Tortorella lands in hot water!  

John Tortorella lands in hot water!

These are serious allegations against the Flyers’ head coach…



The story came out earlier this week thanks to former National Hockey League forward Brandon Prust, and it is shocking. Prust revealed on the Missin Curfew podcast a shocking story about his time with the New York Rangers, where he claims that then-head coach John Tortorella told his forward Brad Richards to “go out and do drugs” at the time when the Rangers were in a slump.

“So we’re out after the game one night and Torts must of called Richy on the way home and Richy comes in and he goes ‘Torts just called me, he told me to do drugs and stuff,’” said Prust with a laugh. “Torts was like ‘Richy I don’t know what’s wrong with you but go out, get f***ed up, do drugs or something.’”

Prust explained how Torts probably made those comments to Richards specifically knowing that the veteran played wasn’t likely to act on the offer.

“I think cause he knew Richy wouldn’t actually do it,” said Prust bursting with laughter.

This is another layer added to the ongoing controversy around the fiery head coach, who is now in charge of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Tortorella and Richards won a Stanley Cup together with the Tampa Bay Lightning, but their time together with the Rangers ended with the star center benched and their relationship damaged.

We can understand why it went sour, especially if Torts truly treated Richards this way…

Tortorella has not be asked, yet, to comment Prust’s alleged story, though we can easily imagine him flipping out at questions relating to Prust’s comments at a press conference in Philadelphia.

If the story is true, let’s hope that Torts isn’t playing on telling one of his Flyers’ players to do the same, which would land him right back in hot water…

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Source: Missin Curfew podcast