John Tortorella publicly calls out Phil Kessel for bashing Team USA.

John Tortorella puts Phil Kessel on blast.

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As most of you probably know Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel made headlines this week at the World Cup of Hockey, despite the fact that he's not participating in it, when he sent out a message on social media that effectively insinuated the team had made a big mistake by not selecting him to their roster, and given their performance at the tournament, it's hard to argue.

Needless to say there were several people who were unhappy with those comments, with first Boston Bruins forward David Backes stating that Kessel's actions would be remembered by those within USA hockey, and now even head coach John Tortorella is getting into the mix.

"As far as the tweets, listen, I like Phil," Tortorella began. "I really like him. But as I said, we need to take our medicine. We'll take it from you guys, that's part of our job and your job and we should. I just don't understand players who have been in this stiatuion, players who have played USA hock, not only Phil but the others speaking out, to me it's a little self serving."

That was the seemingly PC answer from Tortorella, then he got a little more harsh with Kessel.

"I wish Phil - Ijust wish he didn't sayu anything because it makes him look bad. It's so easy to start chucking dirt when things go bad. We have some work to get respect back and that stuff doesn't help."

I somehow don't think Kessel will be bothered about the fact that Tortorella, a man who was a part of the selection committee that chose not to invite him to the tournament, is upset by the way he chose to express himself.