Johnny Gaudreau destroyed by huge hit at World Championship.

Johnny Gaudreau destroyed by huge hit at World Championship.

The Columbus Blue Jackets star forward was rocked by a huge hit and forced to leave the game.

Jonathan Larivee

It was a tough year in the National Hockey League for veteran forward Johnny Gaudreau of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and unfortunately that tough year appears to have followed him across the ocean to the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Championship of hockey.

On Monday, Gaudreau was knocked out of a preliminary round game between the United States of America and Slovakia when he was on the receiving end of a huge hit from former Arizona Coyotes defenseman Patrik Koch. Gaudreau thought he saw a lane and a scoring chance, but unfortunately for him Koch was there to shut the door in devastating fashion.

Gaudreau would be sent flying through the air before landing hard on his back and sliding all the way into the corner behind the Slovakian net. Gaudreau would remain in the fetal position for a few moments before eventually retreating back to the Team USA locker room from which he did not return.

No word on Gaudreau's status for the rest of the tournament just yet.