Johnny Gaudreau hits the ice with the Monahan and Lindholm on Sunday.

Gaudreau joins his teammates for the first time.

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The Calgary Flames got some very welcomed news on Sunday. 

After spending the first week of training camp away from his linemates in Sean Monahan and Elias Lindholm, Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau was on the ice with both the aforementioned players Sunday. TSN's Jermain Franklin was able to capture a short clip of the trio running some drills together at the Flames practice and you can check out that clip just below.

Although this is a relatively minor move in the grand scheme of things it comes as a big deal for a Flames team that had to deal with some controversy over the last week. Speculation had run rampant when Gaudreau had been kept in a separate group for the first several days of camp, with many suggesting that the talented winger had come into training camp out of shape. Although the Flames, like every other team in the league, are not allowed to publicly disclose any information regarding player health due to the National Hockey League's moratorium on injury reports, the rumors surrounding Gaudreau became such a problem that it prompted a response from Flames general manager Brad Trevling

"The groupings that we have on the ice have no conditioning issues or are not done for disciplinary issues ... I want to dispel that notion," said Treliving earlier this week in response to rumors regarding Gaudreau's conditioning.

To be perfectly honest it came off a lot like like Treliving himself was somewhat frustrated at the fact that he could not clarify why the Flames had been split into two groups, but the league has been very clear regarding what information teams can and cannot disclose regarding their players. 

The timing of Gaudreau joining Monahan and Lindholm does not appear to be a mere coincidence however, although it may very well be. The Flames reportedly have an intra squad game schedule for later this evening and the trio of forwards are expected to play together during that game. There had been some concern that the chemistry between the 3 men would suffer due to Gaudreau being in a separate group, but it looks like they will have plenty of time to work on that this evening.