Jonathan Drouin to play on the left wing?

Is this the right call?

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Is it time for Claude Julien to move Jonathan Drouin from the center of the first line? With the recent struggles of the Montreal Canadiens, some experts believe it is time to shake things up a little, and it looks like the 22-year-old forward's position could change over the next few days.

Former Stanley Cup-winning coach Bob Hartley believes Julien should stop experimenting and that it is time to 

"Perhaps it is time to stop the Drouin experiment at center and move him to the left wing. The Drouin-Pacioretty tandem simply doesn't work. Drouin has a faceoff percentage of 43%. It is very low, especially when you play against the best lines of your opponents."

He added that the answer to the Habs' problems could be Alex Galchenyuk:

"I would like to see Drouin with a certain offensive freedom. Put him on the left wing, Galchenyuk at the center. Who's Galchy's best friend among the Canadiens? Gallagher. Put him on the right wing."

Wow. That is indeed a bold proposition. Do you think this could work?