Jonathan Toews expecting “Bad Blood” between Canada and USA.

Some strong words from the Blackhawks captain.

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For many this will be the game of the tournament, and in fact Team USA's head coach John Tortorella has already described it as their championship game.

Team USA is set to face off against Team Canada on Tuesday in their first contest against one another in this tournament, excluding of course the exhibition games prior to the official start, and Chicago Blackhawks captain Joanthan Toews fully expects there will be bad blood between the two squads.

“I think there’s going to be some bad blood out there, for sure,” said Toews as per Mark Lazerus of the Chicago sun-Times. “We can expect that.”

It frankly sounds like Team Canada may be out for a bit of revenge, and when you consider the number of questionable, borderline, or flat out ugly hits that Team USA delivered to Canada in their first exhibition match up, it's not hard to imagine why that might be the case.

All of this is made even more intense by the fact that it's Jonathan Toews making these comments, not something he's known for, it sounds like fans will be in for a treat on Tuesday night in what might be a war between Canada and USA on the ice.