Jonathan Toews rips Blackhawks after Kirby Dach trade

The disgruntled Hawks captain isn't holding back.

Published 1 year ago
Jonathan Toews rips Blackhawks after Kirby Dach trade

It's no secret that the Chicago Blackhawks are once again entering a period of darkness in their franchise. That much was officially confirmed when the team decided to trade popular goal scoring forward Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators last month as well as letting Kirby Dach and Dominik Kubalik depart; meanwhile, franchise icons Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are both entering the final year of their hefty 8-year deals that carry AAV's of $10.5 million.

For Toews, who has publicly called out Blackhawks management in the past for not being on the same page as the rest of the team, he wants no part of a lengthy rebuilding process. And he was recently back at it again, expressing anger with Blackhawks management for not only dealing Dach, but for not giving him a "fair" chance with the team. 

Per The Athletic's Mark Lazerus: 

"Jonathan Toews said he was angry at first about the DeBrincat and Dach trades, but that he's come around and respects and understands what Kyle Davidson is doing.

Toews said Dach still has a lot of upside and "arguably maybe didn't ever quite get his fair shot in Chicago."'

Last season with the Hawks before his trade to Montreal, Dach scored nine goals with 17 assists. 

Of course, we're certainly not sorry to see Toews moping, considering that he knew his teammate was being sexually assaulted by former video coach Brad Aldrich during the 2010 postseason and did nothing about it. Toews would later shame himself further by giving a pat response of "probably" when asked if he should have intervened. 

Gee Johnny, maybe you "probably" shouldn't have taken that mega deal that completely hamstrung your squad's ability to keep certain players around, eh? 

Source: Twitter