Jordan Binnington called out to be suspended - even by his own coach!

Jordan Binnington called out to be suspended - even by his own coach!

Enough is enough!



USA Today writer Mary Clarke is right. The National Hockey League shouldn’t tolerate St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington’s childish antics any longer. She calls him a “a petulant child playing hockey” and that sounds about right to me.
And it feels like Blues head coach Craig Berube is feeling the same way.

Over the weekend, Binnington was acting a fool once again when during Saturday’s matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins, he shoved his glove in the face of Jason Zucker as the forward was chasing a puck behind the net at the end of the first period.

The night got worse for Binnington, who was pulled after allowing four goals on 17 shots. He was given a 10-minute misconduct for “inciting” as the goalie had words for the Penguins bench while leaving the ice.

He looks like an idiot, and Berube has had enough.

“It’s got to stop. It doesn’t help anything,” Berube said after his team’s 6-2 loss to Pittsburgh. “Just play goal, stop the puck.”

Clarke goes further by saying that the way to get Binnington to stop his antics if to fine or suspend him. Fans have seen many exemples of the Blues goalie’s short fuse and the NHL needs to step in.

“It’s clear by now that in-game penalties aren’t going to stop Binnington from taking out his frustrations physically on his opponents, since he’s continued to do so for years.”

The writer makes it clear in conclusion and I can only support what she says:

“The NHL needs to be finished with tolerating Binnington’s actions from now on. Binnington’s petulance has gone on for far too long and he’s only going to keep embarrassing the league — or maybe even hurt someone — if he continues to act out like this.”

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