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Jordan Binnington issues controversial response to his 2 game suspension.

Binnington is not happy.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety finally stepped in this week and addressed the physical play that we have seen lately from St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington.

Binnington's antics had been the subject of considerable controversy leading up to his suspension this week and when it was announced, many felt that it had been a long time coming, a list that apparently did not include Binnington himself. In spite of the fact that most feel the suspension was well warranted, Binnington himself apparently feels he was hard done by and expressed those thoughts when asked about the 2 game ban he received this week.

Binnington admitted that he argued for a lighter suspension when speaking with the NHL's Department of Player Safety, but he didn't appear to take the whole thing too seriously.

“It felt like I was in ‘Good Will Hunting’ acting as Will trying to defend himself in trial," Binnington said as per Sportsnet. "A new experience, for sure, and definitely not something I want to go through all the time.” 

Although the video evidence left little doubt about Binnington's guilt in this case, clearly showing him striking Ryan Hartman with his blocker, Binnington still refuses to take responsibility for his actions. In fact Binnington even went a step further and called out Hartman for his behavior during the incident.

“I was just reiterating that he knows how to embellish a play," said Binnington of the incident. "I never made contact with him.”

In their review of the incident the NHL shared a video angle that leaves no doubt about the fact that Binnington's blocker made contact with Hartman's face, so Binnington's comments here will likely only serve as more ammunition for his detractors to use against him.

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.