Jordan Binnington throws punches on Sunday night!

Jordan Binnington throws punches on Sunday night!

Jordan Binnington once again made his presence known as things heated up in Anaheim on Sunday night.

Jonathan Larivee

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington was once again throwing his weight around on Sunday night.

Binnington, who has shown a willingness to get involved physically in games in a manner that is atypical of a National Hockey League goaltender, and the Blues were taking on the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday night when things got heated a little over midway through the game's second period.

Binnington took exception to some rough stuff from Ducks forward Ross Johnson and, after a high stick from Johnson would cause a scrum in front of Binnington's net, that would be the moment the Blues netminder would get involved. Binnington would throw punches with both his glove and his blocker in an attempt to stick up for his teammate.

While I'm sure most fans can relate to Binnington's actions on this particular occasion, after all who can blame any player for sticking up for a teammate, it would unfortunately earn him a 2 minute minor penalty for roughing. I suspect it was the additional blow with the blocker that caused the officials to award Binnington the penalty.