Joseph brothers sent to the penalty box together, parents can't believe it!

It’s their first time facing one another and this will be the most memorable moment.


Ottawa Senators’ Mathieu Joseph and Pittsburgh Penguins’ Pierre-Olivier are finally on NHL ice at the same time. Tonight marked a first NHL meeting between them.

Of course, mom and dad were in attendance in Pittsburgh and the camera went straight to them in the third period when both sons were sent to the penalty box together for high-sticking one another.

Their parents could not help but laugh at the altercation, especially since Pierre-Olivier had mentioned earlier this weekend before the home-and-away series that he would not fight his brother to prevent upsetting his mother.

Well, he kept his promise and did not fight him, but both Josephs ended up in the penalty box at the same time.

Good thing mom and dad are laughing: this will be one of the most memorable moments of their first NHL matchup.

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