Josh Anderson takes on Bruins giant Zdeno Chara!

Anderson takes on the giant.

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At 6'3 and over 220 lbs Columbus Blue Jackets forward Josh Anderson probably isn't used to being the much smaller man in any situation.

However on Monday night Anderson took on a much larger man in Boston Bruins veteran defenseman Zdeno Chara after he wasn't very happy with a hit that left him down on the ice along the boards. 

To Anderson's credit he showed absolutely no fear when he got back up and immediately went after Chara, this resulted in both men measuring one another and squaring off for the fight. 

It was a short affair with only a few punches landed, largely due to the fact that Chara pulled Anderson down to the ice seemingly having had enough of the battle at that point. 

Chara was seen icing his hand in the penalty box after the fact so perhaps that played a role in his decision.