Josh Bailey run out of the Islanders by Lou Lamoriello
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Josh Bailey run out of the Islanders by Lou Lamoriello

Lou confirms that the longtime Isles forward is done with the team.



Lou has spoken.

The 80 year old New York Islanders general manager met with the media today for the first time since the Islanders' season was ended after their opening round playoff loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Typically, NHL GMs meet with the media immediately following their team's playoff elimination but Lou... well... Lou does things differently. To say the least...

As for why he didn't meet with the media earlier, Lamoriello simply said he "didn't think it was necessary. I had a lot of questions that I wanted to get answered and I wanted to get right at it. Quite frankly, my focus wasn't on answering questions."

Well... today he got questions. And lots of 'em.

Let's get into it all, thanks to Islanders insider Andrew Gross.

On head coach Lane Lambert's future with the team and Lamoriello's future himself:

On the team's pending free agents:

On the future of longtime Islanders forward Justin Bailey:

Yikes... sounds like a one way trip to the Arizona desert for Bailey.

More on Bailey:

"Loyalty will never get in the way of impeding progress or making whatever decisions I have a responsibility to make. Never. In Josh's case, it looks like, maybe it's near the end here. In our situation, Josh and I have, I think a man-to-man relationship as far as honesty, and we will work with him -- whatever -- to help him, but my priority is doing what's best for the team."

- Lou Lamoriello

And finally, the entire press availability:

A breakdown: No real significant changes coming. Lou likes his coaches and likes his team. He's going to run it back, despite the fact that this team is poised to fall off a cliff. Yeesh...

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