Josh Ho-Sang sends a strong message to the teams trying to trade for him.

This guy is desperate for a change of scenery.

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Talk about being desperate for a change of scenery. 

By now it has become the worst kept secret in the National Hockey League that former first round draft pick Josh Ho-Sang of the New York Islanders has officially demanded to be traded to a new team. The trade demand comes off the heels of years of conflict between Ho-Sang and the Islanders organization, with Ho-Sang feeling like he has never been given a fair shake by the Islanders and the organization clearly feeling like the player's poor attitude has been the biggest detriment to his career evolution.

The New York Islanders are very likely also happy to find a new home for the troubled forward as the normally secretive Lou Lamoriello, currently serving as president and general manager of the Islanders franchise, was very open about the trade demand this week. Lamoriello confirmed to Islanders insider Arthur Staple that Ho-Sang had in fact demanded a trade and that the organization was looking to facilitate a move if at all possible.

"Ho-Sang's rep asked for a trade, so we told him not to report for a few days while we worked on that," said Lamoriello as per Staple.

In spite of those reports however Ho-Sang still currently remains a member of the New York Islanders organization and that may be due in large part to the rumors of his attitude problems. If other teams also believe that Ho-Sang's character, or lack thereof, will be a detriment to him every being a true success at the National Hockey League level then you could easily see why they would also want to avoid adding a potential distraction to their own rosters. Ho-Sang it seems may be aware of this however and according to one NHL insider it sounds like he is now personally reaching out to teams in his desperate attempt to find a new home for himself. 

Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman has revealed that Ho-Sang has reached out to teams around the league to tell them that he is willing to accept any role, even if it is only at the American Hockey League level, in order to prove that he has what it takes to be an NHL player.

"As everybody knows now he has asked for a trade from the Islanders organization, and he is going around to teams and he is letting them know that he will do whatever it takes to get a fresh start, including start in the American Hockey League," said Friedman on Saturday. "So if that is what a team wants him to do, he will do it."

It could be all talk, but teams in need of some additional offense may be tempted to give this guy a shot if it does come with the low-risk option of keeping him in the AHL should things fail to work out.