Jost endears himself to new teammates in spirited scrap against Wideman

Jost endears himself to new teammates in spirited scrap against Wideman

1st game with his new team and he's dropping the mitts!



In case you missed it this past weekend, former 1st round pick Tyson Jost was placed on waivers by the Minnesota Wild and claimed by the Buffalo Sabres.

Jost, who was selected 10th overall by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, was shipped to the Wild last season just prior to the Avs' Stanley Cup run. Now, he's on to his third franchise in less than a calendar year and it's clear that he's looking forward to a fresh start in Buffalo after falling out of favor in both Colorado and Minnesota.

The 24 year old forward had some praise for his new team and it's clear that he's relishing the chance to make his mark with a young group. "There's a great young core here and a lot of great up and coming talent," Jost told Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News. "Watching these guys play it's fun to watch. Their team is exciting. And they've got a really good thing going on here ... so I'm excited to be part of this group."

And this evening Jost put his money where his mouth is and stepped up to prove it to his new teammates.

Check out Jost dropping the gloves and getting into it with Montreal Canadiens forward Chris Wideman:

As for the Wild... Jost didn't have much good to share. He did, however, allude to some potential locker room issues saying that they're a veteran team with "a lot of people walking on eggshells."

That's an interesting way of describing the Wild, and honestly I think it makes sense. Again, they're pretty veteran laden and they have mostly underperformed under their current core. You can see the pressure getting to the team and, maybe more accurately, their front office. GM Bill Guerin is seemingly ALWAYS looking for a way to tinker the roster, which could understandably put added pressure on his players. This can sometimes work out well with a group that all pushes each other forward, or it could go sideways as Jost is suggesting and create an environment where everyone is tentative and afraid to make a mistake.

As for the Avs, it sounds to me like Jost's heart is still with that franchise. He admitted that he still hasn't been able to bring himself to watch the footage of the Avs winning the Stanley Cup this past Summer.

"To watch them go on and win it, it's definitely tough," he said. "You kind of think 'I could have been there.' "

Ouch... that's tough.

Source: Hockey Fights