Journeyman forward will be forced to retire due to injury.

Veteran forward forced out of hockey due to injury.

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A National Hockey League veteran has been forced to retire due to an injury.

According to a report from Swiss Hockey, after failing to reach a deal with any NHL team this summer forward Mike Santorelli made the decision to sign a two-year contract in Europe, but that contract will be short-lived.

After playing just six games Santorelli has reportedly made the decision to retire from hockey and it appears his long-term health may have been a major concern. Santorelli stated "due to the worsening of my injury and the uncertainty regarding a total recovery of my abilities, I decided to be honest with everyone and make a difficult but realistic decision."

Santorelli ends his career with 406 career games played on a number of different teams including the Nashville Predators Florida Panthers, Winnipeg Hets, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs and Anaheim Ducks. He has 64 career NHL goals and 74 career assists.