JT Miller addresses reports that he and his family were harassed by fans at a local farm

The disgruntled Canucks forward clears the record.

Published 1 year ago
JT Miller addresses reports that he and his family were harassed by fans at a local farm
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an updated version of an earlier reported story.

UPDATE: Miller confirmed to Canucks reporter Thomas Drance the the entire 'pumpkin patch' story was a complete fabrication.

Read below for our earlier report on this developing story.

When a man can't get some peace in a damned pumpkin patch, what is the world coming to?

According to a post on the r/canucks subreddit, a group of Vancouver Canucks fans confronted Canucks forward JT Miller and his family and yelled and "chirped" at him about the team's struggles, in full view of his wife and three young children.

From Reddit user 'Individual_AD9670':

"I saw JT miller at the farm I work at today, people need to stop"

"I saw him today at the pumpkin patch I work at today. He was with his family and looked pretty tired and stressed. I left him alone because he is with his family. Some 'fans' went up to him yelling at him and chirping him when he was with his kids. It needs to stop. Lets save the comments for when they are on the ice or at work, leave them alone in public."

Are you freaking kidding me!?

How big of an absolute loser do you have to be to chirp a hockey player at a damned pumpkin patch? Give me a break.

Have the Canucks been awful? Yes. Has Miller been awful? Double yes. Are you entitled to your opinion? Also yes. Is it appropriate to spout off your opinion in public when people are trying to mind their own business. 100% NO.

You think Miller's gonna suddenly listen to you and go on a tear because you got in his ear at some Fraser Valley farm? Give your head a shake. If you want to vent your opinion either buy a ticket or get on sports talk radio. A public setting is no place for you to give an NHLer a piece of your mind. Take a deep breath and let the player live their life. If you absolutely must have your "brush with greatness", simply introduce yourself and ask for an autograph. To me, that's a step too far but I'd imagine that these guys have seen and dealt with it all. Personally, I'd just let them live their lives... what a concept, I know.

In any case, it's clear that this season is weighing heavily on Miller and the team and garbage like this does nothing to help the team get through things.