JT Miller flips out at the bench, slams his stick and screams at teammates

Oh boy…



The Vancouver Canucks have been feeling the heat in their race to clinch a playoff spot. Forward JT Miller is also feeling that heat…

From earlier this season, Miller came under the microscope when he expressed frustration towards his own teammates on the ice.

It happened again on Thursday night when the Canucks fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In the middle of the third period, as the Bolts led 5-2 on their way to a 5-4 victory, Miller was caught by the camera heading to the bench, slamming his stick on the boards and screaming at his teammates, visibly upset.

Miller scored the tying goal, but the Lightning scored two goals late in the second frame and the winning tally at the start of the third.

This is what it looked like, and yes, it does not look good:

Just in late December, Miller was trending on social media when he shouted at goalie Collin Delia to get back the bench for the extra attacker before slamming his stick on the net in anger.

There was also that incident that took place between Miller and Luke Schenn during the Vancouver’s home opener on Oct 22. When Miller messed up, Schenn attempted to talk to his teammate, but the forward skated away, which led to both players screaming at each other. It got so heated that Conor Garland had to step in and separate them before getting to the dressing room.

Every time an altercation took place between Miller and one of his teammates, Miller refused to talk about it to the press, reminding them to mind their own business.

There is now however a sense that Miller should wait to be away from the public to flip out at his teammates if he does not want to answer questions about it.

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