Justin Bieber mocks the Canadiens, rode the Leafs' wagon hard.

Lifelong fan since yesterday!

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Playoffs hockey is exciting, especially when a young team performs beyond anyone's expectations. It's precisely what happened with the Maple Leafs this year and a lot of people jumped in the bandwagon to share the emotions. 

Justin Bieber is known for his pop music and controversial way of life, but he's also an avid hockey fan. However, it appears he's been a lifelong Leafs fan since yesterday. 

Scrolling through his social media accounts (gotta do what you gotta do), you rarely, if ever, see any mentions of the Leafs anywhere. In fact, he was seen often wearing Blackhawks and Bruins gear in the past among others. However, no one was a bigger Leafs fan than him yesterday. 

Anyway, mocking the Canadiens when Bieber never showed any support for the Leafs when they were a losing team is hypocritical at best. Someone had to say it, and we did!