Justin Holl takes another shot at Maple Leafs

This didn't go unnoticed!



Gone are the days of Toronto Maple Leafs fans ragging on defenseman Justin Holl, who decided to depart in free agency and take a short move over the border to the state of Michigan and join the Original 6 and division rival Detroit Red Wings on a three year contract. 

So far, the move has worked out well for the Red Wings and Holl. Detroit's defense as a whole leads the NHL in total points scored with 33, while Holl boasts an impressive +7 rating. 

It's just over two weeks away that Holl will get his first crack at his former Maple Leafs teammates, as they'll be in town to face the Red Wings on November 17 on the international stage in Sweden. For Holl, he has nothing but good things to say about his memories with the Maple Leafs, but he appeared to take a subtle jab at management when he spoke about how much more he feels valued with the Red Wings than he did with the Leafs. 

"I loved my time in Toronto," the 31-year-old said. "I really have nothing but great memories and I'm grateful for the relationships that I was able to forge and the team success that we had.

"I have no qualms about moving on, but I was really grateful for my time in Toronto. That being said, this is just what was next in my path to development I think and how the contract situation works out and everything like that, I'm grateful to be in a place that I'm valued and I'm just ready to keep moving."

As you know, the Maple Leafs media is notorious in hockey circles for their constant and pressing coverage of the team. But for Holl, it didn't seem to bother him as much.

"As players, I don't know if we have time to worry about all that. We have such a narrow focus. I'm just trying to make sure my knee feels good for Monday's game or something like that," he said.

But now that he's no longer playing there, he actually has gained an appreciation for the scrutinized media coverage for the Leafs.

"It is kind of funny, though," he said. "Having left Toronto, I think I have a greater appreciation for just how much coverage there is. I feel like I've seen more coverage on Toronto since I've left than I ever did when I was there so it's kind of funny."

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