NHL News : Justin Williams caught punching Backes in the back of the head during scrum!
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Justin Williams caught punching Backes in the back of the head during scrum!

Things are getting quite nasty between the Canes and Bruins…

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The camera rarely misses anything on the ice when you watch an NHL game - not something we can always say about the referees… 

On Tuesday night during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes, the camera caught the Canes captain Justin Williams red-handed. 

It seems like the Bruins have gotten under Williams’ skin, especially since Game 2 when Brad Marchand took it a step further.  Late in the third period, Williams went to skate off the ice after a stoppage in play he was hooked and dragged down by Marchand, a play that should have earned the Bruins agitator a penalty. However the sneaky Marchand managed to get away with his foul gesture and that prompted Williams, who had just been dragged down to the ice by Marchand, to retaliate against the Bruins pest. The Canes captain would grab Marchand by the face and then eventually by his chin strap and appeared to be saying something that I'm sure was not very kind. Unfortunately for Williams though although the officials missed the call on Marchand, he was sent to the box. 

On Tuesday, he wasn’t caught! But he did manage to look bad as he trapped forward David Backes under him after a scrum close to the net and delivered a nasty punch at the back of his head… 

Later in the first period, Williams was sent to the penalty box for the THIRD time. He drilled Boston's Torey Krug into the boards and it became clear that Boston has been getting under his skin...

Let’s hope Williams can keep his cool and guide his team to a first win in his series… 

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