Justin Williams made a life changing move today!

He made his bed, he's now part of the Great Experiment!

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Playing in the NHL is an achievement in itself. You get to face the best player from across the globe and compete to the highest level each night. With hockey becoming a global sport, players no longer simply come from the U.S. or Canada, complicating their personal situation with families a long distance away and immigration papers to deal with frequently. 

One simple solution is to become a U.S. citizen, but it requires a commitment not all players are willing to make. Today, a Canadian named Justin Williams chose to trade the Maple Leaf for the Bald Eagle. 

Sure, it's not as big a move as switching from being Russian or French, but Williams has decided to pledge allegence to the American constitution nonetheless. After playing 1,080 games in the big show exclusively for American teams, Williams can now call Washington his true home. 

Welcome to the Land of the Free, sir!