JVR absolutely destroys former teammate Dion Phaneuf on social media.

JVR has got some serious jokes!

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Poor Dion Phaneuf was just minding his own business, sharing some photos of his summer with his fans via Instagram when out of nowhere he was assailed by a wild James Van Riemsdyk.

Phaneuf was sharing a picture of one of his fishing expeditions this summer, specifically a picture of him holding a large net and in that net was a fish Phaneuf had caught. His Instagram caption read "What a Salmon" so it's safe to assume that's the fish he caught, all in all pretty harmless right?

That's until James Van Riemsdyk entered the picture with some of the most hilarious ribbing we've seen all summer and while we have no doubt that it was good-natured fun, there's also no doubt that it's one hell of a burn on Phaneuf as well.

You can see JVR's response in the image below and it reads "I could have used that net to catch some of your breakout passes..."