Kane calls for former teammate to join Blackhawks’ front office in the wake of McDonough firing

Kaner’s making the hirings in Chi Town now!

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Just a year and a bit into his new career as a broadcaster for NBC Sports and former Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp is already being called back to his former team. Well… kinda.

Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane didn’t even take a moment to consider when asked by NBC Sports Chicago which of his former teammates could handle a high pressure job on his team’s front office staff. Without hesitation Kane put Sharp forward as a candidate. 

“I thought maybe he’d be trying to get in with the team somewhere, whether it was scouting or trying to get into the front office,” Kane said. “I could see him doing that even to this day. Maybe that’s a stepping stone for him maybe in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the front office at some point because I think he’s pretty good at scouting players and knowing a lot about the league, too.”

With team president and CEO John McDonough dismissed by the team last week, maybe there’s a shot for Sharp? Seems unlikely, but if you’ve ever seen Sharp do his thing on NHL on NBC, you know that he’s got talent in front of the camera. You could do a lot worse if you’re looking for a team representative to handle media responsibilities.

 “After a long career on the ice, it will be fun and challenging to be a part of the game from a new perspective, and I look forward to working with former teammates and people that I’ve watched on NBC Sports Chicago for many years,” said Sharp when he took his job on the media side back in 2018.

It doesn’t sound like Sharp is planning on making a career move anytime soon, but it’s worth pointing out that a few of Sharp’s former Blackhawks teammates are now working with the team. Colin Fraser and Brian Campbell both work as scouts and developmental coaches. Sheldon Brookbank is an assistant coach with the team while Chris Kunitz, who effectively acted as Sharp’s replacement last season, serves as an advisor.

Hmmm… something to think about, Sharpy…