Kane haunted by video of him flashing his cash in NHL interview

Bankrupt and $30 million in debt and the guy talks about carrying $500 cash with him at all times.


Things are just not getting any better for San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane…

On Monday night, he shocked everyone when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California after amassing $26.8 million of debt. The filing includes $10.2 million in assets.The documents in a California court shed light on his gambling issues as it is believed that he has lost $1.5 million gambling over the past month alone. There is a total of 47 creditors. Despite earning a salary of $7 million a year, Kane declared his monthly income as minus-$91,131.13. The bankruptcy filing comes just days after the Centennial bank sued Kane and the Sharks in a Florida federal court, claiming the veteran forward owes it $8.3 million in principal and interest. According to Centennial, Kane received a multimillion-dollar loan back in September 2018, which was secured by his Sharks contract, a seven-year, $49 million extension inked that May. The Sharks were contractually obligated to pay the bank back directly from Kane’s wages, but the bank stopped receiving payments from the team in October 2019. Kane had made no payments on the loan since December 2019, according to the lawsuit.

Fans have been so harsh on Kane even since it was announced that he had gone bankrupted since he always put it in people’s faces with how much money he had. 

That’s why now the forward is being haunted by a video that resurfaced on Friday when he proudly declares to an NHL camera that he always carries $500 cash with him at all times. Check it out: 

Yeah, of course now that was before you owe all that money to more than 45 creditors! No wonder the guy had gambling issues, the cash was right there in his hands at all times.  We all remember when back in November 2019, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas sued the athlete to recover $500,000 in unpaid casino markers. The Cosmopolitan dropped the case last April, presumably because the debt was settled, but we wonder now with what money. 

I am sure that having to declare bankruptcy is a terrible thing to live throughout, however, Kane had the means to plan a great life for himself and his family even after retirement if he had seemed help long ago. Something it’s easier to admit that you have $500 cash with him at all times than to ask for help. 

I couldn’t help but make fun of his performance in the Sharks’ season opener last night, in which Kane recorded a goal and two assists. He has more points than dollars at this point!