Kane's divorce gets nastier, accuses wife of faking pregnancy by wearing a “prosthetic belly”

Call me crazy but these two sound like they were made for each other.


Don't look now but San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane's historic 21 game suspension is set to expire later this month, making him eligible to rejoin the team on November 30th. 

Kane, of course, was the subject of three separate investigations this past season all due to off-ice activity, mostly stemming from an ugly divorce from estranged wife Anna Kane. Anna alleged that Kane physically, verbally and sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions and that he illegally bet on NHL games, including his own games. An independent investigation by the NHL found all of these claims to be either baseless or unprovable, but they did uncover the fact that Kane lied about his vaccination status and attempted to undermine the NHL's COVID-19 protocols by providing a fake vaccination status card. As a result he was suspended 21 games.

But, just when you thought the dirty laundry from Kane's divorce had been all aired out in public for everyone to see, we get yet another shocking update in the ongoing soap opera.

In court documents obtained by tabloid TMZ, Kane accuses Anna of faking a pregnancy since this past July. Evander's lawyers claim that Anna wore "some sort of prosthetic pregnancy belly" in an effort to both trick Evander and trigger mental anguish. Anna had led Evander to believe that the couple had a second child on the way, due in February, 2022.

So... Evander fakes a vaccine card and Anna fakes a pregnancy. Call me crazy but I think these two awful people are made for each other. Man... oh man do I feel bad for their child.

“I was less than forthcoming with (Evander) with regards to my decision,” Anna said in court documents, adding that she is mentally stable.

Evander is seeking full custody of his daughter in the divorce settlement, alleging that Anna is unfit to care for their one year old daughter.

Anna's allegations that Evander bet on NHL games including his own games with the Sharks were found to be "baseless" by the NHL and Evander himself has stated that Anna simply made up stories in an effort to incriminate him and to cast him in a bad light.

Honestly, it sounds like this soap opera won't be ending anytime soon.