Karlsson has surprising comments on Crosby's slash.

It's not what you would expect.

Karlsson has surprising comments on Crosby's slash.

You've seen the Methot's slash for sure at this point today. If not, well we suggest to get out of the cave you live in. You can watch it here anyway, because we always have your back. 

Of course, it had the whole hockey world talking. Eugene Melnyk, the Sens' owner, went as far as calling for Crosby being severely injured and out of action for months! He was pissed. 

However, a more rational and thoughtful voice was heard, in none other than Ottawa's captain. Erik Karlsson is no stranger to tough physical play and he had this to say about Crosby's actions,in comments given to the Associated Press

"[Crosby] puts his stick in as [Methot] is trying to shoot the puck in and unfortunately it hits his finger. It turns out worse than most other times, plays like that happen all the time, but I don't think it was intentional or dirty."

It's interesting to read about actual players thinking outside the box and defending the game as a whole. 

Needless to say, this slashing is far from having cooled down!