Ken Holland addresses signing Evander Kane and firing Dave Tippett

Big moves coming in Oil Country?


In case you missed it earlier today, Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland held a press conference to discuss his team's nose-dive in the standings over the past month and to take questions from the Edmonton media.

Here's the press conference in its entirety:

Holland did offer up some good insight into what his plans are for the rest of the season, especially when it comes to roster moves and the future of head coach Dave Tippett. 

First up: Evander Kane. It's no secret that Holland is interested in signing the controversial former San Jose Shark forward now that he's officially a free agent. Multiple NHL insiders have reported over the past 48 hours that the Oilers are interested in Kane and that Holland has been in contact with Kane's agent Dan Milstein.

When asked specifically what his interest is in Kane, here's what Holland had to say:

"Well I've talked to his agent... as a manager it's my responsibility to investigate every situation... I believe in second chances."

- Ken Holland

While that certainly doesn't indicate that the Oilers are on the verge of signing Kane, it does indicate that the Oilers are in the mix and that Holland would like to get the 30 year old power forward on his roster.

It remains to be seen where Kane ends up, as its been reported that he's only interested in signing with a Stanley Cup contender. It's also worth noting that his former contract with the Sharks contained a no-trade clause that allowed him only to be traded to the Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning or his hometown Vancouver Canucks. Again, stay tuned on that front.

Regarding head coach Dave Tippett, Holland somewhat dismissed the idea of firing Tippett mostly due to the fact that the Oilers have had so many changes behind the bench over the past decade.

Here's what Holland had to say when asked what his plans are for Tippett:

"I don't believe in firing coaches. We’re going to win. I believe in the coach. I believe in the team. I believe in the leadership in the team. I believe that the team is playing hard and competing every night."

- Ken Holland

Holland would go on to point out that the Oilers have hired and fired seven coaches in the past 10 years and, obviously, that's no recipe for success. It looks indeed like Tippett will at least stick with the team through the season for better or worse. Thoughts, Oilers fans?