Kessel-for-Subban trade in the works?!

This is make or break!

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The chatter surrounding both Pittsburgh Penguins veteran forward Phil Kessel and Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban has been almost similar in intensity and recurrence. 

Every week we are reminded how a blockbuster trade involving one or the other could take place anytime this summer. 

So what if the Penguins and the Predators came together and exchanged the two players in one monster deal? 

That is exactly what Michael Clifford of Dobbler Sports is suggesting: for the Penguins to send Kessel to Nashville in return for Subban. 

In a way, it makes sense: both players have three years remaining on their current respective deals and both cash in a similar amount of money per year. Kessel gets paid an annual salary of $8 million, while Subban tops him at $9 million per year. 

We can imagine that it would be rather simple to add a player or two to this potential transaction to balance out the financial aspect of this deal and suddenly both teams would have solved their biggest problem without having to touch their payroll.

The 30-year-old Subban finished the season with nine goals and 22 assists for a total of 31 points in 63 games, despite the fact that he was sidelined a few times with injuries. 

As for Kessel, the 31-year-old posted 27 goals and 55 assists for a total of 82 points in 82 games this past season.

It would remain to be seen if both players are interested in this potential blockbuster move! Are you?