Kevin Bieksa and Kelly Hrudey call out the NHL's officiating.

Kevin Bieksa and Kelly Hrudey call out the NHL's officiating.

The pair of former NHL players both feel the league made the wrong call on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

Did the National Hockey League get it wrong? Two former NHL players certainly seem to think so.

On Saturday night, during a clash between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets at the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the NHL made a call during a goal review that drew the ire of former NHL players Kelly Hrudey and Kevin Bieksa.

The review in question looked at whether or not Leafs forward William Nylander interfered with Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck, here's a look at the replay:

It was former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey who led the charge, stating flat out that he felt the NHL had made the wrong call by waiving off the goal and upholding that decision upon review.

"It's the wrong call in my opinion," said Hrudey matter of factly. "I thought that DeMelo clearly pushed Nylander into Hellebuyck and so I think this is a goal that should count. I'm kind of surprised in fact."

Former NHL defenseman Kevin Bieksa

"Clearly he was pushed after and that's where the contact originated... I'm confused about this as well Kel," said Bieksa in response to the rant from his co-host.

Bieksa added that he believed the NHL would reverse the call upon review.

"I was confident there for Toronto," said Bieksa. "I thought it would be reversed."

Do you agree with the two former NHL players? Or did the NHL make the right call?