Kevin Bieksa calls out Justin Holl's first period blunder.

Kevin Bieksa calls out Justin Holl's first period blunder.

Bieksa calls out Holl.

Jonathan Larivee

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Justin Holl is often the target of criticism and unfortunately for the 31 year old blue liner Saturday night proved to be no exception.

Holl and the Maple Leafs are facing the Edmonton Oilers and after 20 minutes of play the two teams have returned to their respective locker rooms with the Oilers holding a 1 goal lead. That lead came courtesy of a wraparound goal from Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane, but during the intermission former National Hockey League defenseman admonished Holl for his poor decision making on the sequence.

First here's a look at the goal from Kane, one that was made possible by a beautiful no-look pass from Oilers captain Connor McDavid.

Bieksa though felt that Holl shouldn't have committed so hard on the play, calling out the defenseman specifically after the goal from Kane.

"I'm not crazy about Justin Holl there and how he bites on this," said Bieksa during Hockey Night in Canada. "I think you have to back up and allow your backchecker, which is Matthews there, to do the work there. He lunges, it's kicked out to his side, Kane's got a step on him and that's the goal in the back of the net."