Kevin Bieksa calls out Rasmus Andersson's hit on Patrik Laine.

Kevin Bieksa calls out Rasmus Andersson's hit on Patrik Laine.

The former NHL defenseman was vocal on Saturday night, taking the side of NHL Player Safety.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League Department's of Player Safety handed out a huge suspension on Saturday and not everyone is in agreement when it comes to the length of the suspension.

Calgary Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson was awarded a 4 game suspension, longer than any other suspension handed out during the league's last regular season, for a dangerous hit to the head of Patrik Laine. The hit resulted in an injury to Laine who is out of the lineup for Columbus this evening, and if you haven't seen it here is a quick replay of the hit:

On Saturday night, former NHL defenseman Kevin Bieksa defended the decision from the NHL when he decried the hit on Laine as a dirty play from Andersson.

"The key is that it was at the end of the game," said Bieksa. "That shows a little bit of intent to hurt someone, injure. You're unhappy that you're losing the game, that you're gonna lose the game, and the leaving the feet there's no reason for.

"It's a no brainer I think, especially this early in the season," added Bieksa.

Bieksa himself was a player that played with edge to his game in the NHL so these comments may come as a surprise to some, but it was clear on this matter that Bieksa felt Andersson had crossed a line and taken liberties with Laine's health when the game was clearly over.