Kevin Bieksa calls out “rat” NHLer on Saturday night.

Kevin Bieksa calls out “rat” NHLer on Saturday night.

Kevin Bieksa unloads on an active National hockey League player like he never has before.

Jonathan Larivee

It would appear that one National Hockey League player in particular has drawn the ire of former NHL player Kevin Bieksa.

On Saturday night, Bieksa tore into Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins in a way that is rather uncharacteristic for the Hockey Night in Canada panelist. Bieksa unloaded on Cousins who he referred to as a "rat" during his tirade, chastising the Panthers player for taking liberties with the health and well being of his fellow competitors on the ice.

"What people don't wanna watch and see is kneeing, hitting a guys head into the boards, ramming a guy from behind and that is a common theme for [Nick Cousins]," began Bieksa on Hockey Night in Canada. "I have never done this before but I have to do it, because this is a trend with this player."

Bieksa not only called out Cousins for his dirty plays on the ice, but also challenged his manhood when he pointed out that Cousins never answers the bell when challenged for breaking The Code.

"There's no place in the game for this and what is the common theme in all of these? Him at the bottom of the pile in a turtle position," said Bieksa with disgust. "This has been a common theme with this player... somebody in that organization or somebody that he respects has to sit down and say 'Enough of this' or the NHL has to come down and hammer this guy."

If there was any doubt about how Bieksa felt about Cousins and the way he plays, he erased it all with some very harsh words for the active NHLer.

"Somebody has to hammer this guy from the department of justice and put an end to these crappy hits because I hate em and that's a rat to me," said Bieksa. "I'm sorry it is."