Kevin Bieksa explains why Corey Perry snapped on Evander Kane.

Kevin Bieksa explains why Corey Perry snapped on Evander Kane.

Corey Perry's former teammate shares some insight into what happened on the Oilers bench.

Jonathan Larivee

On Saturday night fans in Edmonton were caught off guard when they witnessed what appeared to be some infighting among two prominent forwards for the Edmonton Oilers.

The incident in question occurred between veteran National Hockey League forwards Corey Perry and Evander Kane, both players with a wealth of NHL experience, and it looked as though Perry was genuinely incensed with his teammate during his tirade.

At the time there was very little to go on in terms of what may have led to the outburst from Perry, especially when you consider that it was directed at his own teammate. Although we may never truly know the real reason as to why there was a conflict between these two, one of Perry's former teammates has attempted to share some insight into the situation.

Following the incident on the ice, former NHL player Kevin Bieksa broke down what he thought had transpired to set Perry off. Bieksa began by pointing out that this was somewhat atypical from Perry.

"I can tell you from playing with Perry, he doesn't do this very often," revealed Bieksa. "He doesn't yell at teammates, he doesn't get this fired up on the bench, he's usually in his own little world."

Bieksa would rewind the footage a little and showcase that, just prior to losing his cool, Kane was responsible for a pretty bad giveaway in the offensive zone.

"This is Kane kind of a hope pass to nobody there," said Bieksa of the giveaway. "I'm thinking he's saying 'Hey keep this puck down low, there's nobody there, you don't need to throw it away and give the puck to Calgary.'"

This is the play that Bieksa was referencing: