Key details in the Tony Deangelo incident now confirmed.

Here's what we know.


There has been a ton of drama surrounding controversial New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo over the last 24 hours and honestly at times it has been difficult to separate fact from fiction.

DeAngelo has courted a lot of negative attention during his time in the National Hockey League and this has no doubt made him some enemies in the media, and I suspect that this has played a role in some of the uglier rumors that have been coming out surrounding this incident. On Sunday night NHL insider Elliotte Friedman recorded a podcast in which he shared the latest on the incident, separating fact from fiction and getting to heart of the story.

Although Friedman was unable to touch on every single rumor that has been out there, and in fact was clearly refusing to even discuss some of them given the seriousness of the accusations being made, he did provide all the key details regarding the incident that occurred on Saturday night following a loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here's what Friedman had to say on the latest 31 Thoughts Podcast:

"So let's just traffic in what I know, and what I can say and I am confident is true without anybody willing to go on the record," began Friedman. "Saturday night, Rangers vs Penguins, 10 seconds before the winning goal is scored DeAngelo and Georgiev have a miscommunication, a mix up, behind the net. Sidney Crosby gets in between them and the Rangers players who are already on the ice for a while and are noticeably exhausted can't get off, Crosby scores and the Penguins win it in overtime. They go off the ice, Georgiev is sitting disappointed like any competitive person, especially a goaltender, would be after a game like that and DeAngelo walks by him and makes a sarcastic crack to him and Georgiev clocks him. They go at it and their teammates break it up."

Following the incident it sounds like the Rangers had finally had enough.

"Later that night the Rangers call DeAngelo, I don't know if they call him or they call his agent, and they say 'that's the last straw you're going on waivers tomorrow.'"

Friedman believes that more will come out in the coming days, but we're going to have to wait for confirmation on the rest of this story.