Khaira has trouble standing after huge hit from Romanov; refs and teammates step in to hold him up and escort him off the ice

Uh oh... the wobbly legs are never a good sign.


In case you missed it last night the Edmonton Oilers put a hurting on the Montreal Canadiens, beating them 4-1 after a dominant four goal third period.

The win came at a cost to the Oilers though as they lost veteran forward Jujhar Khaira after he took an absolutely BUCKLING hit from Habs rookie blueliner Alexander Romanov. While the hit didn't look like much to begin with, Khaira had trouble getting up on his feet and looked like he had the wobbly legs. It's clear to me that he had his bell rung and just wasn't right.

Here's the hit in question:

No problem with that hit at all, it just looks like maybe Khaira wasn't properly braced for it? That's a legal hit in any professional league, it just looks like Khaira didn't expect the 210 pound Romanov to pack such a wallop. Here's hoping Khaira is able to escape any significant impact.