Kings GM may have given his fan base a bad case of deja vu.

Not again!

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The Los Angeles Kings' fanbase may be getting a bad case of deja vu right now.

According to a report from Helen Elliott of the Los Angeles Times, general manager Dean Lombardi has reportedly proclaimed that he will not buyout Dustin Brown during the current buyout window, stating that he believes the veteran forward can turn it around.

"I really believe he's going to get his game back," said Lombardi of Brown.

It's a very familiar statement from Lombardi for long time Kings fans who will remember him making a nearly identical statement regarding former Kings forward Mike Richards, a player that most believe he waited far too long to buyout.

'There's no physical hindrance to him not getting back to that quality of player,' Lombardi added.

Probably not the announcement Kings fans were expecting after this week's rumors, and probably not the one they wanted either.