Kings goalie Cal Peterson takes Tkachuk down with a heavy hit

This is the new NHL, goalies don’t need you to clear the net anymore!

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In case you missed it last night, the Calgary Flames dropped a crucial two points by losing 5-3 to the Los Angeles Kings in L.A. And to be honest, the Flames didn’t really look great all evening. The team had a rough start and if weren’t for goalie David Rittich things would have been truly ugly.

The Flames actually managed to score a 1-0 lead thanks to a blown play by Kings goalie Cal Peterson, but the positive vibes didn’t last long for the Flames. From that point on there wasn’t much left to cheer for if you’re a Flames fan. Oh… except this heavyweight tilt between Milan Lucic and Kurtis MacDermid.

Check it out:

That’s a big boy scrap, something you rarely see in today’s NHL. I love the energy from both guys, but would have loved to see a conclusive decision in the scrap. It seems like MacDermid loses his balance more than anything and is still willing to go when the linesman step in to break things up.

Even more entertaining though was Peterson taking matters into his own hands (shoulders?) when Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk got a little too up close and personal.

Check out Peterson dropping Tkachuk with a hard shoulder in his crease:

If the video doesn't load, click the link here.

While it’s not quite up to Timmy Thomas levels, we’ll approve…