Kraken faces strange lawsuit days before NHL Winter Classic!

Kraken faces strange lawsuit days before NHL Winter Classic!

Uh oh…



The NHL Winter Classic is just days away and unfortunately for one of its participants, the Seattle Kraken, they have to face a very strange issue ahead of the popular event.

It was revealed on Wednesday, per the Seattle Times, that a 24-page trademark infringement lawsuit was filed against the Kraken in regard to the team’s jersey design. We’re talking about the uniform the players will be wearing on New Year’s Day when they face off against the Vegas Golden Knights!

This all has to do with Paul Kim, a longtime youth hockey player and fan, who, back in 2014, acquired trademark rights to the name of the defunct Seattle Metropolitans, including the “S” logo and colors.

If you take a look at the team’s Winter Classic jerseys, you can see the similarities and Kim, whose relationships with the Kraken has reportedly been deteriorating, alleges that the Kraken violated his trademark rights in the team’s Winter Classic jerseys.

In the lawsuit, the jerseys contain a “virtually identical” red “S” logo and lettering to that used by the Metropolitans.

The lawsuit holds more accusations, including the belief that the Kraken forced Kim to “low-ball” licensing offers over the past few years for rights to sell the Metropolitans’ logo and colors, previously mentioned as trademarked.

There are also allegations that Lance Lopes, the Kraken’s legal counsel, informed Kim that the team would look at using an “alternate” Winter Classic jersey last February, but that the club did not do that.

The lawsuit is seeking both temporary and permanent injunctions blocking the Kraken from using the Metropolitans trademarks, but there is no way a ruling comes before the annual event on Monday.

“We are aware of the filing and are working with our lawyers to respond,” a Kraken spokesperson responded. “We cannot comment further on an active legal matter. Our focus is on delivering an incredible NHL Winter Classic experience for our fans and celebrating outdoor hockey together.”

There will be more on this following the Winter Classic as this will however go to court or be settled outside of it…

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