Kris Knoblauch comments on officiating in Stanley Cup Final.
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Kris Knoblauch comments on officiating in Stanley Cup Final.

The Edmonton Oilers head coach is getting ahead of things this time, making his comments before the series.

Jonathan Larivee

Edmonton Oilers head coach Kris Knoblauch is getting in front of what will no doubt be one of the hot button issues during the upcoming Stanley Cup Final, the topic of officiating in the National Hockey League.

There has been plenty of discussion regarding officiating in these playoffs, especially when it comes to the Oilers themselves, and Knoblauch has been asked at times to comment on the officiating in the playoffs, a dangerous subject for any head coach. It would seem that, in anticipation of some of those questions down the line, Knoblauch is getting ahead of the topic before the Stanley Cup Final with the Oilers bench boss making his thoughts clear on Saturday ahead of Game 1.

"You can't score power play goals unless you're on the power play," admitted Knoblauch on Saturday. "I think we'll have our opportunities to be on the power play."

It will certainly pose a danger to the Florida Panthers who were heavily penalized throughout the 2023-24 NHL season, something that Knoblauch is well aware of.

"I know Florida is one of the most penalized teams throughout the playoffs, but for us to be looking for them or embellishing, we've never done that and we're not that type of team," said the Oilers head coach.

FInstead Knoblauch believes that the two opposing styles we will see clash in the Stanley Cup Final will inherently provide his team with the power play opportunities it thrives with.

"The more we possess the puck, the more we're moving our feet and making plays, we're putting them in a position to take a penalty against us," said Knoblauch. "And ultimately that's all that we can control. If the officials feel that something is warranted for a penalty, then that'll be good for us. We just have to worry about playing the game."