Kris Knoblauch, Stuart Skinner make costly mistake in Game 2.

Kris Knoblauch, Stuart Skinner make costly mistake in Game 2.

The Edmonton Oilers head coach and goaltender make a big mistake late in Game 2,

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers will have a lot to think about following a loss in Game 2 of the Western Conference Final at the hands of the Dallas Stars, one of which will be the costly mistake made by Oilers head coach Kris Knoblauch and Oilers goaltender Stuart Skinner is the final moments of the game.

Knoblauch and the Oilers were down late in the third period with the Dallas Stars holding on firmly to a 2-1 lead and it was only a matter of time before Knoblauch would be forced to pull Skinner in order to get a sixth skater out onto the ice. The Oilers would do just that, in their effort to tie the game and force overtime, but it would turn into a complete disaster thanks to bad communication between goaltender and coach.

Knoblauch would signal Skinner to come charging out of the net and Skinner would follow his coach's signal, leaving his net despite the fact that the Oilers had turned the puck over in the offensive zone. Neither Knoblauch nor Skinner would react to the turnover and that in turn would lead to one of the easiest empty net goals you're ever going to see, especially in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The response has not been positive.