Kris Letang officially makes NHL history

Congrats to the veteran blue liner!



Pittsburgh Penguins veteran defenseman Kris Letang isn't done just yet. 

Thanks to his having racked up five assists during the 2nd period this team's blowout victory over the New York Islanders last night, he became the first defenseman in NHL history to accomplish the feat and the first to record six assists overall in a game since Gary Sutter of the Calgary Flames. 

“It was pretty special,” Letang said. “When you have a chance to play with good players, they’re not the hardest plays to make, but if you give it to the right guy, sometimes they score, and you get the assists.”

“We lost the last game going into the break after coming back into the game, obviously. So it’s always a tough, tough loss,” said Letang, referencing the bad loss to the Ottawa Senators on Dec. 23. “But when you come back, and you’re able to win a game against a division rival like this and somebody you’re chasing, it’s huge.”

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