Kris Letang will not face discipline for a vicious slash to the face of his opponent.

This seems a little silly.

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On a day where the National Hockey League is seriously considering suspending a player over a bad word he used while sitting angrily in a penalty box, that very same league has apparently decided to look the other way on a much more dangerous incident.

According to multiple reports the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety will not be seeking additional discipline for veteran defenseman Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins after he delivered a nasty looking slash to the face of New York Ranger Viktor Stahlberg.

Keep in mind this is only speculation, but we have to assume the decision from the NHL here is a result of the fact they simply don't believe the slashing motion was intentional, and was instead provoked by the fact that Letang was tangled up with another Ranger player at the time, and also appeared to be somewhat off balance.

Even with that said however a player should be responsible for his stick, and the Rangers certainly won't be happy with this decision.