Kyle Dubas slams Toronto media over coverage of John Tavares injury.

Dubas and the Leafs outraged at the Toronto Sun.


One of Toronto's newspapers has come under fire and surprisingly it is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and more specifically Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas, that are on the offensive.

As all of you reading this will know by now, Maple Leafs captain John Tavares suffered a horrible injury on Thursday when he was struck in the head by the knee of Montreal Canadiens forward Corey Perry. The injury left Tavares unable to stand under his own power and frankly it was amazing that he wasn't knocked completely unconscious given just how hard of a hit he took to the head in that incident. If you happened to miss it, here is a look at the replay:

Following the incident the Toronto Sun published their daily newspaper but it was the cover photo and the headline that they chose that Dubas and the Maple Leafs are not happy with. The photo depicted Tavares in a moment of great distress following the injury and the Sun went with the headline "Captain Crunched," something that the Leafs GM labeled as "disgusting" in his comments on Saturday.

"I know that the players and our coaching staff are focused on game 2 here tonight, but I did want to address one other issue on behalf of our organization and most importantly our players and their families," said Dubas on Saturday. "I think that situations like that garner a significant amount of coverage, but as an organization we felt yesterday that the toronto Sun cover of their newspaper crossed the line and we found the cover to be disgusting. I understand and we understand here that writers and columnists have no input into the covers of papers or headlines, but we just thought that it was extraordinarily insensitive on the part of the Sun with regards to the photo and the caption that accompanied the situation yesterday. Just a complete lack of compassion and respect on behalf of the Sun towards John and his family, especially for such an upstanding member of our organization and community and his family that had to endure that."

For those who have not seen the cover that sparked the outrage from the Leafs general manager, here's a look at the cover of the Toronto Sun yesterday:

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