Kyle Dubas takes the high road regarding his messy divorce from Leafs

The former Leafs GM decided to keep it classy.



It was over the summer that the Toronto Maple Leafs parted ways with Kyle Dubas in what was a rather startling move not long after their season came to an end at the hands of the eventual Eastern Conference champion Florida Panthers. 

In the meantime, it wouldn't be long Dubas resurfaced in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins, taking over the role of president of hockey operations. He would also elect to make himself the general manager of the Penguins for the time being. 

During an exclusive interview with NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun for The Athletic, Dubas was given about as easy a softball pitch as one could receive when asked about how things ended in Toronto. However, it would be wrong to say that the current Penguins GM's response was anything but classy in nature. 

The excerpt goes as follows: 

'Before we wrapped up our interview, we ventured down a path that Dubas hasn't been willing to go down yet with the media. One thing he hasn't really commented on was his parting of ways with the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer, and specifically not addressing Brendan Shanahan's detailed explanation of events that led to Dubas' firing in a news conference that won't soon be forgotten in Toronto.

For one, Dubas felt it important to immediately focus on his new job in Pittsburgh and put all his energy there. But there's also another reason he hasn't wanted to comment on it.

'I think it's more that I just simply don't want to create any waves in my wake because they impact a lot of people who I care about and loved working with [in the Leafs organization] — and I want to see them have success,' Dubas said.

'Unloading my personal feelings is what a lot of people want — and it may make me feel good in the short run — but it's not of any benefit to the Pittsburgh Penguins or the dozens of players and staff in Toronto who I want to see have success.'

As Dubas put it, perhaps one day “deep in the future,’’ there will be a more appropriate time to discuss things publicly in more detail on his time in Toronto and especially his dramatic departure. But for now, those aren’t waves he’s interested in creating. He’s OK with being criticized for that. He’s moved on. So have the Leafs." 

Think what you will about Dubas and his managing style and personnel moves, but he certainly took the high road when presented with a prime opportunity to vent against his former club. 

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Source: The Athletic