Kyle Okposo calls out the NHL's terrible officiating.

Kyle Okposo calls out the NHL's terrible officiating.

Buffalo Sabres captain Kyle Okposo is tired of the poor officiating in the National Hockey League.

Jonathan Larivee

Buffalo Sabres captain Kyle Okposo let his frustration get the better of him on Saturday night, but I don't think you're going to hear too many fans being critical of his comments.

Okposo and the Sabres were coming off of a tough loss at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens, one that stemmed largely from a 5 minute major and game misconduct that was earned by Buffalo Sabre Eric Robinson during the game's second period. Okposo, frustrated with the call against his teammate, openly questioned the NHL's inconsistent officiating when speaking with the media following the loss on Saturday.

"I do," said Okposo when asked if he disagreed with the call. "I don't understand how Evander Kane gets nothing last night and then there's a 5 minute penalty, it doesn't make any sense. It's the exact same play, there's an injury on the play.... I just don't like the consistency factor. That's a literal identical play, one with 0 penalty and then one with 5 and a game, it doesn't make any sense."

Robinson delivered a questionable hit to the back of the Montreal Canadiens' Justin Barron, which would result in a 5 minute power play that the Canadiens would capitalize on twice to eventually force overtime and a shootout where they would claim the victory.

Here it is again from close up:

And here's a look at the hit that Okposo was comparing it to:

The NHL does not tend to take players criticizing their officiating very kindly, but no word yet on whether or not Okposo will be disciplined for his comments.